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I am more than the combined Armies of the World. I have destroyed more Men, Women and Children than all the wars of all Nations. I Massacre thousands of people every Year. I am more Deadly than Bullets, and I have wrecked more homes than the mightiest guns. In the United States alone, I steal BILLIONS of DOLLARS every year. I spare no one and I find my Victims among the rich and the poor alike, the young and the old, the strong and the weak. Widows know me to their everlasting sorrow. I loom up in such proportions that I cast my shadow over every field of labor. I lurk in unseen places and do most of my work silently. You are warned against me. Yet you heed me not. I am relentless, Merciless and cruel. I am everywhere, in the home, in the factory, in the schools, on land, in the air and on the sea. I bring sickness, degradation and DEATH, yet few seek me out to DESTROY ME. I crush, I maim, I DEVASTATE… I will give you nothing and rob you of all you have…. I am your worst enemy,






A Fireman's Tears

The Firefighter

What Is A Fireman?

The Last Call


The Night Before Christmas