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Welcome to the EMS Command Center!

Returning visitors will notice that there have been some dramatic changes made to the site. My intent (as always) is to make the site easier to navigate and provide a fun environment for you to explore the wonderful world of the Emergency Medical Services.

The site features haven't changed though. Within the site you will still find all of the EMS and Fire humor, prayers, poems, links and information that were here before plus a few extra surprises. The main difference you will find is that I have separated the EMS sections from the Fire sections. For example: If you wanted to check out Fire humor, then you would just go to the Fire Station and go from there. Likewise, if you wanted EMS humor, you would enter the Trauma Center. You are able to access both the Fire Station and the Trauma Center (plus other sections such as: EMS/Fire Links and Webrings, SiteRings and Net Rings) by following the links at the left side of this page. You'll also notice that wherever you go these handy symbols will follow you to every page for easier navigation to all of the main sections.

Personal information about myself and my family will have their own section too. To find out more visit Fred's House by using the links at the left side of this page.

If you have a EMS or Fire-related Website, why not join the CODE BLUE EMS SiteRing? 

Once again, thank you for stopping by and enjoy your visit to the Command Center! (Don't forget to sign the Guestbook!)


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