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You Know You Are The Significant Other Of Someone In EMS Or The Fire Department When...

  • You wake up to your alarm clock and shout "will you shut that f***ing pager off already"

  • Your idea of a massage is having your S.O. practice secondary survey on you.

  • Your idea of foreplay is a priapism sweep or a check for wetness.

  • You have many EMS or fire shirts and never bought one.

  • Your idea of a turn on is wearing their sweaty gear.

  • You have ever been stood up for a call.

  • You see Backdraft and want to imitate the hosebed scene

  • You have ever waited 6 hours while they went on a "quick" call.

  • You are more familiar with their station that your parents home.

  • You can discuss dismemberment at the dinner table without vomiting.

  • You belong to one of the following clubs: Ferno, Code 3, Hosebed, Hotride (did I cover them all).

  • You have memorized all their radio codes.

  • You have a scanner and all of their frequencies programmed in.

  • You read web pages like this one :-)



Have A Safe And Happy Holiday Season!