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Christmas Eve And The Life Of An EMT

I woke up this morning and start off the day
The sky is cloudy possible snow on the way

I get to work my unit is ready
We get our first call my hands are not steady

A car accident with one possibly 10-7
On Christmas Eve knocking on the doors of heaven

Please God I say to myself, don't let it be
One of my family members, that would kill me

We got on scene a cold chill in the air
An elderly lady was gone, it doesn't seem fair

My mind going wild with thoughts and fears
For her family will be sad, my eyes fill with tears

After the call we leave in a hurry
Off to another call faced again the same worries

A house fire with a family inside
Unable to get out and nowhere to hide

Upon our arrival the F.D. had them out
Safe and secure and walking about

Though they were safe and thankful for their lives
Their properties gone, but nobody died

Happy for the family for their lives can be fixed
We go on our way wondering what will be next

While sitting down for we have a moment to eat
I order my burger and fries and warm my feet

Before we finish devouring our meal
We're off again the sirens a squeal

Someone's been shot his blood a large puddle
We wonder was there an accident or was there a struggle

Barely a pulse but still moving air
His small son in the corner his eyes in a stare

My daddy got shot as he told the officer
Mommy left us last night please can't you find her

After the gun was removed from the gentleman's hand
We loaded him up to do what we can

Oh, so sad for a child to watch his father almost die
But even worse to witness an attempted suicide

We leave the ER in dire need of rest
Another call waiting we will do our best

My husband needs help she states in a choke
He's been very sick and now maybe a stroke

He opens his eyes, unable to talk
She said he's tried but he can't even walk

We transport him, he's doing fine she is told
In the ER we placed his hand in hers to hold

Ok, we're screaming "Now give us a break
We're tired and cold for goodness sake"

Go back to the hospital our dispatcher states
A patient going home for Christmas, the transfer awaits

Someone's leaving the hospital that really feels good
For everyone here I wish they all could

At our station for the first time tonight
Someone's gotten drunk and has been in a fight

We roll from our station the sky is so dark
On scene we assess the patient, not finding a mark

Upon checking 10-8 we're told respond code 3
To the mall, Santa has fallen and has broken his knee

He was lying on the floor all dressed in red
The children were screaming, is Santa dead?

We asked if he could move it and surely he can't
What ever you do, don't cut my pants!

Now what do we do, a mall worker did say
Around the corner in a red suit security to save the day

On Dasher, on Dancer he said while we were leaving
To a point it was funny, but we're still not believing

It is now after midnight and we are still going
Our lights flashing and our siren still blowing

An accident involving a young man who'd been drinking
My God, what was he thinking?

He said he was distracted by a view in the sky
Because of his actions, someone had to die

Lying in my bed thinking it just isn't fair
Wondering just how much more I can bear

Trying to find peace and drift off to sleep
Wishing we could have found time to eat

We wake up to the ring of the phone
Another call I asked? I want to go home

She's having a baby she says hurry fast
She's had lots of experience, four in the past

Tell her don't push I scream in the mike
I started the unit and turned on my lights

We enter the house and we hear her scream
"The babies are coming" I asked two, what do you mean?

The first one delivers, a beautiful girl
The second one screaming as it enters this world

A girl and a boy, this was new to me
I chuckled and I smile, I'm a proud EMT

Now the unit is cleaned and all is restocked
It's time to go home so I go punch the clock

Home at last, I open the door
To find my children sitting around the tree on the floor

My husband walks over to me with his arms open wide
"Merry Christmas Baby" he says as I start to cry

Tears of joy are flowing and in silence I pray
"Thank you dear Lord for keeping them safe"

My children are pulling on me, Mommy come here
Santa has come as I look at them through tears

I take their tiny hands and lead them to the tree

Here Mommy my son said it's special, his voice in a perk
To find a new stethoscope, how special, for work

Mommy he asked, will this help you save a life?
I put my hand on his head and answered with Gods guidance, baby it might

We had a tough shift, my partner and me
For this was Christmas Eve and the life of an EMT

Brenda Crossett



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