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What's Your Name?

I'm already going to lose you.

I don't even know your name.

In a world of flashing lights

The sounds of glass and steel breaking free,

For those few minutes, you belonged only to me.

It was I who cut your shirt away

To see your broken ribs

Watching you labor with each breath

As you fought to live.

It was I who wiped the blood away

When it pooled in your eyes,

It was I who watched your heart beat

As the Jaws freed you from your car.

When we finally freed you,

I was still there as we ran

To the back of the ambulance,

It was I who held your hand.

The sounds of the sirens

Rang loudly in my ears

I looked for some small sign,

Your lack of response renewed my fears.

I breathed for you when you could not,

I compressed your chest when your heart wouldn't beat.

I prayed for you with each failure,

I did not want to see defeat.

I finally had to walk away

Knowing the battle had been lost

I saw your father in the hallway,

One look, and I saw the awful cost.

I gathered my equipment together,

And I finally learned your name.

Only 21, I said beneath my breath,

My friends, I feel so drained.

Your blood alcohol came back zero,

The driver of the other car did not.

He was alive and breathing,

No witness to the battle we fought.

I don't know how to say good-bye

We never really said hello,

But a piece of you is with me

Everywhere I go.

Author Unknown



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