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EMT Definitions Of Firefighter Terms

  • Alcohol Foams- What happens when you shake a bottle of alcohol
  • Backdraft - A movie about firefighters
  • Becket Bend - The turn onto Becket Rd.
  • Closet hook - What you hang your jacket on
  • Detroit door opener - They have strange doors in Detroit
  • Donut roll - A new Dunkin Donuts treat
  • Flashover - Too many lights on the fire truck (it looks like a Christmas tree)
  • Forward lay - The missionary position
  • Half sheep shank - A hillbilly getting caught with the sheep before he is done
  • Halligan - The headlamps in the ambulance
  • High expansion foam - What you get when you open a warm beer
  • Hose appliances - Sex toys
  • Hose bed - A poor man's water bed
  • Hose lays - Gets a lot
  • Hump Hose - Firefighters really need to get laid more often if they do this
  • Kelly tool - What you use to fix Kelly when she is bad
  • Reverse lay - Doggie style
  • Water hammer - A new tool for banging in nails with water

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