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The Place For EMS Professionals


Welcome to the Trauma Center! Below you'll find links to the EMS humor, poetry and prayer pages and more. Please take a look around and enjoy your stay!

A Nurse's Wish
A Paramedic's Wish
The Rules Of EMS
You Might Be In EMS If...
The Difference Between God And A Paramedic
EMT Definitions of Firefighter Terms
New Mexico Law
Private Sector Annual Survey
EMS Medical Terminology
EMS One-Liners
Things You Don't Want To Hear During Surgery
EMS Run Report Acronyms
Redneck Dictionary Of Medical Terms
Wanted: EMTs And Paramedics
Beast Medic From Hell
Why God Made Paramedics
I Want To Tell You Lies
What's It All For?
Roadside Oneside
The Men And Women Of EMS
I Wish You Could See
Death Of An Innocent
The Heart Of EMS
T'was The Night Before Christmas: EMS Style
A Paramedic
Just Another Day In EMS
The Burned-Out Christmas Poem
Super-Human Or Not
What's Your Name?
Christmas Eve And The Life Of An EMT
An EMS Prayer
Emergency Services Christmas Prayer
An EMT's Prayer
EMS etc.
EMT Oath
EMT Code Of Ethics
Oath Of Geneva
History Of The Star Of Life

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